# Minute Film Festival II, July 6, 2017

The Official Selection and Schedule, which is subject to change. 

Runtime: 43:02 Minutes

Ah Sunflower
03:00 Minutes
Music Video
Director, Composer: Timothy Scott Ennis

Performer/Singer: Mike Jasper

Country of Origin: USA/WA
Original Score: Timothy Scott Ennis
Ah Sunflower is an original score with a photographic/video journey with lyrics based on the 18th Century Romantic period poem by Englishman William Blake: Ah Sun-Flower, weary of time/ Who countest the steps of the sun/ Seeking after that sweet golden clime/ Where the traveller's journey is done.

* In Bloom

03:00 Minutes
Best Narrative
Student Film
Director: Sarah Holland
Key Cast: Olivia Roman and Jeff Evans
Country of Origin: USA/Florida
In Bloom -- a conversation on a park bench between two strangers, which reveals it is not all it may seem at first glance.

Wait Wait Wait
02:17 Minutes
Experimental Finalist
Director/Producer: Emma Penaz Eisner
Country of Origin: USA/San Diego
Wait Wait Wait  is the robotic command we always hear to wait. Who will obey, and for how long? Shot in San Diego, this experimental film captures the real-time street sounds and images at the corner of 8th and E. “I'm very interested in how the camera can transform ordinary, real-life situations into their existential bare bones,” says Eisner.

* Build Us a Theatre
02:59 Minutes

Best Documentary
Director: Danny Hoffman
Country of Origin: Jamaica/Kingston
Build Us a Theatre follows Jamaican photographer Jeremy Francis as he photographs the beautiful old Ward Theatre in Kingston, Jamaica. He does this in the hopes that his images may help rebuild the Ward, where upon its restoration may help rebuild Kingston after years of political conflict and decay.

Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped
02:58 Minutes
Director/Animator: Thomas W. Campbell
Country of Origin: USA/NY
Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped is one story of encounter. In New York City commuters travel underground to work -- and to get to many other places. Yet, people pass each other every day  with barely a notice. Sometimes that reserve is broken and they manage to connect with others. This is one story of such a rare event.

Life Saver

02:30 Minutes
Director, Writer:  Pierre Amstutz Roch
Key Cast: Sand Van Roy
Country of Origin: France/Paris
Life Saver  is the story of two women in a car that breaks down during a road trip somewhere in the French countryside. A stranger stops to help them, yet his strange behavior makes them run away. However, the real danger lies elsewhere.

03:00 Minutes
Director, Writer: Nicola De Prato
Key Cast, Writer: Stefano Marchi
Country of Origin: USA/LA
Obsession follows a painter obsessed with his own art; he is in a struggle to pursue the perfect expression.

Lost in Light
02:53 Minutes
Documentary Finalist
Director/Producer: Sriram Murali
Key Cast: The Cosmos
Country of Origin: USA/Sunnyvale, CA
Lost in Light was filmed mostly in California; it shows how light pollution affects the view of the night skies. One’s view of the stars and the cosmos gets progressively better as you move away from the city lights. “Finding locations to shoot at every level of light pollution was a challenge; reaching the darkest skies with no light pollution was a journey in itself,” says Sriram Murali.

The Hallway
02:57 Minutes
Director/Cast: Srikanth Ranya
Key Cast: Shaik Wali Basha
Original Score: Kevin MacLeod
Country of Origin: India/Bangalore
The Hallway visualizes a single incident by considering the viewpoints of each of the two characters.

Best Animation

Director, Writer, Animator: Mulan Fu
Original Score: Mulan Fu
Country of Origin: USA/NY
Journey offers a beautiful ride with a three-eyed boy who takes a lost young ghost on a celestial journey to heaven.
Only Me
01:33 Minutes
Director: Anar Azimov
Key Cast: Vusala Allahverdiyeva
Country of Origin: Azerbaijan
Only Me is a silent film of a lonely young woman day-dreaming of romance when she notices a young man. A woman walks in to meet him; yet it is really her own imagined self-image.

* Dysmorphia
02:18 Minutes
Best Experimental
Director, Animator: Deanna Crisbacher
Country of Origin: UK/Essex
Dysmorphia reflects the Director’s statement: My goal is to adapt some of the mental illnesses and disorders that I struggle with. I mostly focus on Anorexia Nervosa, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. My project aims to personify these disorders in an ambiguous manner so each viewer has a unique interpretation after experiencing the film. I chose to adapt it into a CGI animation or ‘gallery’ by using software as if it were a fine art medium.

The Reverse Fib
01:22 Minutes
Director: Tom Bessoir
Country of Origin: USA
The Reverse Fib is about Fibonacci numbers, which are everywhere in nature, and in this film. They are the unending sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, … where each term is defined as the sum of its two predecessors.This film makes use of the Fibonacci numbers up to, and including 10,946.The duration of cyan and red frames form a reverse Fibonacci sequence: The frequency and duration of the tones form a reverse Fibonacci sequences.

* Glorious Victory
02:05 Minutes
Animation Finalist
Director/Animator: Will Kim
Original Score: Tatenori Hamasaka
Country of Origin: USA/LA
Glorious Victory is an animated short about two beetles fighting over a fig fruit, which leads both bugs to complete disaster. Will Kim uses watercolor to tell a story of ambition, greed and selfishness, with an original soundtrack accompanying the encounter.

Flying Saucers on Attack
02:00 Minutes
Director: Ross Mitchell
Key Cast: Quinn and Gregory Mitchell
Country of Origin: USA/Pittsburgh, PA.
Flying Saucers on Attack is just that! A man obsessed with UFOs may have himself an encounter.

Subject 6
03:00 Minutes
Director: Jerome Smith
Writer: Ryan Flannery
Producer: Jeff So
Country of Origin: Canada/Toronto
Key Cast: Francios MacDonald, Tijana Bennet, James Weicht, Cleon Mills, Kemdilo Deller
Subject 6 is Pvt. Murray, who believes he is having a routine military check-up, yet, he is not. He finds himself as a test-subject for a new enhancement drug.

Grasslands Jam
Director, Animator: Sandra Staples-Jetk
Country of Origin: Canada
Grasslands Jam is the animation of Prairie Dogs and Burrowing Owls Jamming. Both species live underground and come out to rock and roll.

A Streetcar Named Stella
Director: Loretta Paraguassu, Nick Hunter
Key Cast: Nick Hunter, Buddy
Country of Origin: USA/ Georgia
A Streetcar Named Stella is a parody on the classic scene in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), where Marlon Brando is yelling out for Stella. In this plot there is a twist:  Who isStella anyway?
The Final Fairytale
01:00 Minutes
Narrative Finalist
Director: Ken Williams (writer) and Denis Fitzpatrick
Producer: Ingrid Goodwin
Key Cast: Marcus Lamb, Aoibhéann McCann
Original Score: Brian Lane
Country of Origin: UK/Hertfordshire

The Final Fairytale is about a woman who reflects on a memory of her father and of fairytales.

Stay tuned for Part III Selection and Screening Schedule for the November 30th event.

Part II of the 3-Minute Film Festival

July 6, 2016​

Santa Barbara Center for Arts, Science & Technology 

​Santa Barbara, CA