Screening great 3-Minute Films from all over the world

in one of the best cities in the world --

Santa Barbara, California.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Santa Barbara

Times and Events TBA. 

January 2020


Screening 7th Season 

Open Now!


The Balbao Building 

735 State Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

​6th Season Official Selection: Film Roll, A Short Story from Berlin, Discoveries: Awakening, Clean Water, For Short Stories, The Last Doppelgänger, Losing Light, Three Million Dollars, Wanderlust, Team MeowSA, The Jump, Don't Croak, Catcha Cat, Furnance of the Birds, #Kneeltoheal, Happy Monday, An Untitled Thing About How Birthdays Can Be Sad, Pizza Boy, Food for the Gods, Escape, Fierce.

Winners and Finalists
6th Season

Best Narrative 
The Jump

Narrative Finalists 
Happy Monday, My Pizza Boy, Catcha Cat

Best Experimental 

Experimental Finalist

Best Animation 

Don’t Croak

Animation Finalist
Furnace of the Birds,
Fierce, Wanderlust

Clean Water

Documentary Finalist

Best Original Score
Scott Johnson, How Birthdays Can Be Sad

Director’s Choice Award
Short Story of Berlin - Lust for Life