Screening Schedule for 8th Season also on  8th Season Page. Listing  for ON-Line, last Week in December 2020. Check your in-box and FB for 3-Minute Film Festival. It will also be on the 3MinuteFilmFestival Youtube Channel. More information coming soon.

The Screening of the 46 films in the Festival will include an introduction, and all films will be screened on the same link, yet we put in a small break between groups of 10, for easy reference when returning to the festival on breaks. Few are able to watch a solid showcase of 3-Minutes in one 2 hours sitting! 


Screening 8th Season

on-line by last week of December 2020!

Stay Tuned for date and times -- It will be on FB and Youtube.

Stay healthy and wear your mask, keep your distance and we'll all be back in a physical space by 2022...maybe even better with both physical and on-line.



Screening great 3-Minute Films from all over the world

from the two-best cities in the world --

Now On- Line ONLY

Santa Barbara, California,

and Hollywood, California.

Innovation. Imagination. Celebration.


Innovation. Imagination. Celebration.

 The Winners of the 8th Season

Film Festival.

The 3-Minute Film Festivals have always been free to the public for its physical space audience; just a request for a donation. More than ever we could use a donation now on-line, as only one person is putting this festival together these days. All donations are tax deductable through its fiscal sponsor Art Without Limits. Please consider a donation. Thank you in advance. Indy film festivals serve a great purpose for new and emerging filmmakers, as well as testing sites for other ideas from professionals.

If you do not have PayPal, you may send a check to our mailbox, listed below. Or you may call Art Without Limits at 805-452-4881 or their website at

13 Contries are represented in the 8th Film Festival.

"Best Little Boutique Film Festival in the World"


On-line Screening Schedule 8th Season December 2020

​Films will be up for a month.

1.    With Me - Animation

2.    O Wimbowe - Narrative

3.    Quarantine Fix - Experimental

4.    A Place to Train - Documentary

5.    The Children - Animation/Original Score

6.    Dead Cat - Narrative

7.    Votex - Narrative

8.    244 Years Later - Experimental/Original Score

9.    The Phone Call - Narrative

10.    A (CHRONO)Mation - Animation

2nd Group

11.    Remnants -- Narrative 

12.    Odo’s Bahrain -- Experimental/Documentary

13.    Oneirologue --  Experimental

14.    Headway -- Narrative/Experimental

15.    Gamut -- Animation/Experimental

16.    Song for Sandra -- Narrative/Original Song

17.    Ballad of a Fish -- Animation/Original Score

18.    Apparently I’m Complicated -- Narrative

19.    No Man’s Land -- Narrative

20.    Life Hack -- Narrative 

3rd Group

21.    Notcimik -- Experimental 

22.    Marysia’s Majatek -- Documentary

23.    Dentist Show -- Animation/Original Score

24.    Based on a True Fly -- Narrative

25.    Long Way Down -- Animation

26.    Barbell Snatch -- Documentary

27.    Last Oak -- Narrative

28.    Krokum -- Experimental

29.    Old Ghost -- Narrative

30.    Penang Street Life -- Documentary

4th Group

31.    The Morning Bake -- Animation/Original Score

32.    Making Art in Stressful Times -- Documentary

33.    The Guest -- Narrative

34.    Lairs -- Experimental

35.    Moment -- Narrative

36.    Not Quarantined -- Narrative/Experimental

37.    Caged Bird -- Animation

38.    Here Right Now -- Narrative

39.    Many Faces of One -- Experimental

40.    US -- Narrative

5th Group

41.     Godspeed -- Animation

42.    Manfioso in the Making - Original Score

43.     Luna -- Experimental/Original Score

44.     Ethereal -- Experimental 

45.     Come See Me -- Narrative

46.     Train to Quinling -- Animation/Original Score