7th Season 2020

Lynn M. Holley, M.A.
Director and Founding Principal of the 3 Minute Film Festival.

A Salute to Our Judges.
Rick Carter, film-set & celebrity photographer
Arlene Schindler, author, writer, film reviewer
Dan Kepl, conductor, international music critic 

This is our 7th season of screenings, postponed in its original physical studio because of the pandemic.

 Moved to an on-line Platform soon to be unveiled.


 7th Season

*Test Drive  01:48
Finalist Narrative
Shooting Format: Digital
Jim Ford, Director
Rob Lathan,Writer
Ryan Convery, Producer
John Mason, Key Cast
Paul Marini, Stunt Department
Director Jim Ford is a stunt man, so all the stunts are real.

A customer shocks a salesman with an unusual test drive.

Maybe  03:00
Shooting Format:  I phone
Alexis Rosinsky, Director
A sentimental Journey of a discarded object that finds its way home.

Asphalt Playground  03:08

Shooting Format: Digital
Bo Clausen, Producer, Writer, Director
Key Cast, Simon Bauder
Skateboarder Simon Bauder shows us how a skateboarder sees the world

and his surroundings, and what it’s  really about.

​*Šviesa  02:37
Semi-Finalist Experimental
Shooting Format: 35mm 
Manuelle Daga, Director
Courtney Shumway, Writer, Producer
In the moment of his death, Henry must release his deepest regrets. An experimental story that comes directly from the subconscious, without structure, rules or restrictions. Šviesa made it possible for the director and his team to show the darkest chambers of our brains, that too often remain secret and unuttered. 

Strong Jaw  02:38
New Zealand/Australia
Shooting Format: Digital
Adam Douglass, Producer, Director, Writer
A Sci-fi journey where Strongjaw manipulates his world with his deceptive underwear. Space and form are manipulated within a pair of underwear in a range of ethereal situations. The narrative guides the audience to consider masculinity and gender in relation to space, deception and the void.

*The Seasons  01:47
Student Film-Best Animation
Alexandra Nickel, Director, Writer, Producer
George Kochell, Adult Animator Facilitator
The four seasons change quickly, and are distinct as they affect one tree.

*Front to Back, and Side to Side  02:00

Best Experimental. 

Finalist, Original Score
Shooting Format: Digital
Lydia Hance, Director, Choreographer 
Jacquelyne Jay Boe, Dancer, Key Cast
Raul Gonzalez, Artist, Charles Peck, Composer

David Rivera, Videography/Editing, Ashley Horn Costume Design
A dancer navigates her way through a room covered in duct tape.
Lydia Hance is the Founding Artistic Director of Frame Dance,

which has led to performances from the Galveston Pier onto the METRO light rail.

A champion of new music composers, her work deepens interdisciplinary and

multigenerational collaborations, and investigates the placement of dance in our lives.

My Marina  01:48
Original Song/Score
Shooting Format: Digital
Anjeli Jana, Director, Producer, Writer, Narrator
Fall in love with L.A.’s Marina, says and sings Anjeli Jana,

as you travel with her through the docks and the waters of Marina del Rey, CA. 

Saving Chayah  03:20
Shooting Format: Digital
Zenith Visuals
Ben Ferguson, Director, Producer, Cinematographer
Lisa Kincaid, Key Cast
The true story of how Lisa Kincaid acquired an abused rescue horse,
 and in doing so changed both of their lives for the better.

Denial  03:00
 Narrative Original Score,
Shooting Format: Digital
Mackenzie Leigh Barmen, Director, Producer
Anthony Michael Irizarry, Producer
Misti Dawn Garritano, Writer,
Original Score, Key Cast
Timothy J. Cox, Key Cast
Just another day in the lives of one happily married couple, or are they not? 

Scarlet Circle  02:49
Shooting Format: Digital
Ryan Cervasio, Director, Writer, Producer
Key Cast: Anthony Janz, Feyza Cakici, Jeff Naviello, Gina Ziegler
When faced with a choice, every second counts.

There is No Off Button  02:46

Shooting Format: Digital
Haley Gabelsber, Director, Writer, Producer
Victoria Ramirez, Key Cast
The news is everywhere! 
We can't seem to escape it, no matter how hard we try. 
What's a teenager to do?

*Larrimina  03:00

Finalist Experimental
Shooting Format: Digital
Eduardo Rufeisen, Producer, Director, Writer
Key Cast: Luiza Rufeisen, Cristina Wallace
Larrimina examines the life of a person in the modern world
 through the perspective of time.

Genuine  02:20
Quebec, Canada

Shooting Format: Digital
Wapikoni Mobile
Katherine Nequado, Director, Key Cast
Manon Barbeau, Producer
Janika Michel, Key Cast.
 Katherine Nequado is an Atikamekw woman from Manawan, Canada

and she reminds us that the most important thing in life is to love oneself.

It is an impressionist visual poem about a woman finding strength in sharing

her views on beauty with other women.

*Space Jump  01:40
Student Film - Finalist Animation
Brady Hall, Producer, Director, Writer, Animator
A cautionary tale about a quick trip to space.

The Healing Power of Music  03:00

Shooting Format, Apple ProRes 4444
Mark Vegar, Director
Brad Lindenmayer, Writer
Chris Saurdal, Producer
Key Cast: Arnijka Larcombe-Weate, Sandro Colarelli
Alice seeks out her homeless father, hoping to reconnect over their past love of music.

Big Al  02:56
Shooting Format: Digital
Sabrina Shuster, Director, Writer, Producer
Key Cast: Mickey Robertson, Lauren Rylander
When Bryan is bullied at school, he seeks the help of Big Al,

a mysterious figure known for granting favors and collecting debts.

*I Created Memories  02:37
Quebec, Canada
Student Film- Finalist Documentary 

Shooting Format: Digital
Wapikoni Mobile
Sammy Gadbois, Director, Producer, Writer, Key Cast
Hullik Gadbois, Key Cast
Kuujjuaq, Inuit for "Great River"), formerly known as Fort Chimo is a former Hudson's Bay Company outpost at the mouth of the Koksoak River on Ungava Bay,
which is the largest northern village (Inuit community) in the Nunavik region of Quebec. Its population was 2,754 as of the 2016 census.
Sammy Gadbois uses snippets of life in Kuujjuaq to reflect about his own purpose on Earth;

and muses that it could be creating.

*Aging Bull  2:59

Best Narrative 
 Best Original Score
Shooting Format: Digital
Leevi Ikonen, Director, Writer, Producer
Heikki Ikonen, Director, Writer, Producer, Key Cast
Jan Mäkelä, Key Cast
Petri Kangas, Director of Photography
Niko Roivainen, Lighting Design
Juha Solanterä, Original Score
Aging Bull is a musical sports documentary about a passion that unites two generations.

Un Beau Travail  0:60
Djibouti (North East Africa)
Shooting Format: IPhone
Abraham Sutherland, Director, Producer (Santa Barbara resident)
The Port of Djibouti is located in North East Africa. It is bound by Sudan to the west,

Ethiopia to the south, Djibouti to the southeast and the Red Sea to the north and northeast.

Ethiopia is a landlocked country located in the horn of North East Africa. 
The Port of Djibouti is the crossroads for the distribution of goods. 
Beau Travail (pronounced [bo tʁa. vaj], French for "good work." 
This film is a glimpse of that good and hard work.

Neeyat (Intent)  02:55
Director's Choice Award
Shooting Format: Digital
Swarnim Dashrath Gawade, Director, Writer
Vivan Shukla, Producer
Cheshta Gangwani, Key Cast
A lonely young  woman is followed by a foreigner as she travels through a local train.

*Only One World Left  03:00

Best Documentary
DocumentaryShooting Format: Digital
Alican Abacı, Director, Writer, Producer
İsa Alemdar, Producer
Melike Selçuk, Key Cast/Diver
A Social Awareness Underwater Short Film of Single-Use Plastic Effects to the Oceans.

1.    With Me - Animation

2.    O Wimbowe - Narrative

3.    Quarantine Fix - Experimental

4.    A Place to Train - Documentary

5.    The Children - Animation/Original Score

6.    Dead Cat - Narrative

7.    Votex - Narrative

8.    244 Years Later - Experimental/Original Score

9.    The Phone Call - Narrative

10.    A (CHRONO)Mation - Animation

11.    Remnants -- Narrative 

12.    Odo’s Bahrain -- Experimental/Documentary

13.    Oneirologue --  Experimental

14.    Headway -- Narrative/Experimental

15.    Gamut -- Animation/Experimental

16.    Song for Sandra -- Narrative/Original Song

17.    Ballad of a Fish -- Animation/Original Score

18.    Apparently I’m Complicated -- Narrative

19.    No Man’s Land -- Narrative

20.    Life Hack -- Narrative 

21.    Notcimik -- Experimental 

22.    Marysia’s Majatek -- Documentary

23.    Dentist Show -- Animation/Original Score

24.    Based on a True Fly -- Narrative

25.    Long Way Down -- Animation

26.    Barbell Snatch -- Documentary

27.    Last Oak -- Narrative

28.    Krokum -- Experimental

29.    Old Ghost -- Narrative

30.    Penang Street Life -- Documentary

31.    The Morning Bake -- Animation/Original Score

32.    Making Art in Stressful Times -- Documentary

33.    The Guest -- Narrative

34.    Lairs -- Experimental

35.    Moment -- Narrative

36.    Not Quarantined -- Narrative/Experimental

37.    Caged Bird -- Animation

38.    Here Right Now -- Narrative

39.    Many Faces of One -- Experimental

40.    US -- Narrative

41.     Godspeed -- Animation

42.    Manfioso in the Making - Original Score

43.     Luna -- Experimental/Original Score

44.     Ethereal -- Experimental 

45.     Come See Me -- Narrative

46.     Train to Quinling -- Animation


We have viewed films entered from around the world to select diverse films from students and professionals. 

This 7th season includes films from the USA,Canada, East Africa, Finland, India, New Zealand, 
Denmark, Australia and Turkey.

Each season we receive a different balance of films in the categories of narrative, documentary, animation, experimental. The 7th Season will screen 10 student films, along with professional filmmakers. 

Contact: Lynn Holley at Lynn76594@gmail.com. Check out our FB 3MinuteFilmFestival.​