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3 Minute Film Festival

April 27, 2019 -- EARTH DAY

5th Season 6PM



Chant DKC

Documentary/Original Score: 2:58
Director: RJ Gordon Productions
Producer: Rj Gordon
Key Cast: HH DK Chetsang, Roberta Slowikowska, Dr. Raghunath Manet

Inspired by my deep connection to the great rivers, lakes oceans and all the inhabitants of

Indigenous cultures that need protecting. I wish to share the natural beauty and ancient sounds. Our hope is others will act now to express themselves to help the world.West meets East ...filmed in the Foothills of the Himalayas and on the Pacific Ocean Chant Master DKC sings for a Higher Love. Roberta Slowikowska, piano, Raghunath Manet Veena compose together to create a healing sound to accompany this ancient chant in Praise of Bodhicitta.--

The Highest form of Love. May this bring peace to the world and all who hear it.


Narrative: 2:00
Director/Writer: Alex Cvetkov
Producers: Alex Cvetkov, Rok Cvetkov, Tjasa Perko
Key Cast: Natasha Naneva

How a smartphone is a major distraction in our lives.


Narrative: 1:38

Director: Jorge Parra, Jr.
Producer: Meghan E. Truax
Key Cast: “Scarlett” Christie Griffin
“Driver” Jeffrey Nelson

A woman meets and greets with revenge.

Make Right

Narrative: 2:45
Director, Writer, Producer: Emily Hollis
Kali Strother
Key Cast: “Soldier” Kali Strother
“Prisoner” Luiggi Svagelj
Music: Marianthe Bezzeridews
Pyrotechnics: Jon Mark

A soldier runs from her past, only to discover she can never truly escape;
and there is only one way to make things right.


Dance: 3:00
Director/Producer I-Ling (Linda) Chiang
Key Cast: Graciela Aguillon

A woman experience dancing in a fantasy realm;
reality in black and white and images of color.

Section F

Narrative: 1:58
Director: Patrick Steinmann
Writers: Henrike Fehrs, Franciska Friede
Key Cast: Franciska Friede,“Virginia Knight”
Henrike Fehrs “Luise Keller”

Two women on different sides are working together to defeat the enemy.

Yet, can you still trust each other when it’s about your own family?

Student Film: The Movie

Narrative: 2:56
Director/Writer: Chris Mrmienti
Key Cast: Michael Mancini, Michael C. Anderson, Max Minkowitz,
Abigail Hunt, Derek Manson and Jayme Foremaster.

Black & White film that throws back to Hollywood, but not up. Fun Comedy.


Narrative: 1:00
Director/Writer: Kelly Murray
Producers: Hillary Hanak, Kris Mendoza
Key Cast: Robbie Jean, Diamond Simone

A horror film inspired by the phenomenon of sleep paralysis.
A woman can’t wake up, and experiences a terrifying nightmare of a demon’s visit...or is it?

No Escape

Narrative: 2:02
Director/Writer/Producer: Niko Baumbach
Director/Producer: Beshoy Eskarous
Key Cast: Cam Bick

A man is trapped in a mysterious room with a countdown, ticking clock.
What will happen when it reaches zero? He doesn’t plan on finding out.


Animation: 2:48

United Kingdom
Director/Animator: Wanling Chang
Composer: Andrew Canden
Sound Designer: James Finderlater

A man who loses his dog and misses it dearly, goes on a journey of his grieving,
following the emotional turmoil of his separation. From denial to anger, depression
and to bargaining, and then finally, accepting.


Documentary: 2:59
Director/Writer: Erin Collins
Producer: Manon Barbeau (Wapikoni)

Explores the story of Steven Collins, a Wapikoni Native,

and the first to becomea  international Olympic ski jumper.
Archive footage and photos gives a genuine and indiginous point of view.

Distant Tracings

Experimental 3:00
Director/Writer/Producer: Claudia Esslinger
Key Cast: Maitena Esslinger-Payet

This film explores two relationships, in which physical distance plays a part.
It depicts imagery of Esslinger’s granddaughter, who started her life on an island in the Indian Ocean and then moved to California, near the Pacific Ocean. Shot over several years, she is on a “journey” in various locations. During the development of this piece my sister died unexpectedly and a wave of the Atlantic over-washed my camera while visiting her favorite spot. Thus, the two oceans become the geographic parameters of this story.

After The Reign: Confusion

Experimental/Dance 1:00
Director/Writer/Producer: Jennifer S Tarrazi-Scully
Key Cast: Sharon Carelock
Composer: Christopher
Editor: Dustin Glasco

This interpretation in dance of a woman experiencing the confusing and schizophrenic
nature of loss.  Confronting many versions of herself
and the beginning of healing process.


Narrative 3:18
Director/Producer/Writer: Serge Delpierre
Producer/Story: Zachary Tarrant, Michelle Escobasr, Surya Reddy Pailla
Key Cast: Lynn Chavis & Ricardo Frederick Evans

Penelope’s ride-share home becomes an odyssey,
as she encounters a panoply of passengers along the way.“Odyssey” weaves this notion with the ever-present fabric of technology that permeates our modern life, allowing us to travel from destination to destination with an ease never before seen and now hardly acknowledged. Director says: “Odyssey” weaves this notion with the ever-present fabric of technology that permeates our modern life, allowing us to travel from destination to destination with an ease never before seen, but now hardly acknowledged.”

The Repair Job

Narrative/Original Score: 2:09
United Kingdom
Director/Writer/Producer: Inshra Russell
Key Cast: Imogen Butler-Cole “Customer,”
Oscar Reed “mender”

A woman is eager for a gentleman to help fix her soul,

two seemingly ethereal beings caught in an exchange. When reality filters in we see the soul in question of a fix.

Guilty Pleasure

Narrative: 1:20
Director/Writer/Producers: Yannik Leibacher, René Müller
Key Cast: Thomas Häusler

Desire, lust, guilt. Will you give in to your dark side?

Men and Kongzhu

Documentary: 2:48
Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Jingqiu Guan

Film shot in Zizhu Park in Beijing. highlights a popular lifestyle amongst the elders in public space in urban China.

It documents men's graceful movement when exercising with an object called "Kongzhu"
while other elders were playing traditional musical instruments.

Oil Lake

Dance: 1:00
Director: Jonas Karasek
Writer: Peter Rajcak
Producer: Effectivity, Protos Productions
Key Cast: Romina Kolodziej
Based on Tchaikovsky's ballet masterpiece,

this film is a reflection of eco-disasters happening in the world's lakes and seas.


Dance: 1:00
Producer/Director/Key Cast: George Turnbull
Bear Lake Productions
Director: George Turnbull

Turnbull focuses on dance, animation, and cultural and social justice issues including:

diversity; inequalities; racism; gender issues; religion; spirituality;
oppression; materialism; autogenocide; adoption; criminality; pollution; privilege; and civil war.

La Boîte

Narrative: 1:49
Director/Writer/Producer: Carlton Gray
Producer: Angela Gray
Key Cast: Brin Jarma, Carlton Gray

Gwen and John find a box,
and John becomes obsessed with opening it,
although it looks dangerous.


Narrative: 2:59

Director/Writer/Producer: Darya Khritankova
Key Cast: Frank Provenzano, Sean Anglin, Cristina Castro,
Nicholas Amalfitano, Jen Blazqez, Angel Vazquez.

A guy is excited to watch a film in a movie theater, yet,
who knew such a simple task could become a challenge.

The Knot

Documentary/Original Score: 3:00

Director/ Writer/Producers: Sohini&Sujay Chattopadhyay
Original Score: Shini & Sujay Chattopadhyay

The ‘covalent’ bond of a couple’s relationship.
Perturbed by ceaseless waves of issues. So much that they aim to drift apart. Tirelessly,
but in darkness. As they get back to senses, they find their knot unhurt.

Sand and Flower

Animation: 3:20
United Kingdom
Director/Writer/Producer: Jiaqi Wang
Key Cast/Voice: Zhiyi Liu

Sand and Flower is related to the poem A Grain of Sand by William Blake.This animation is based on Hemingway’s novel, The Snow of Kilimanjaro. If animals can soothe our hearts, can they also redeem us?

The animation is based on the footsteps of death in the snow of Kilimanjaro. It tells the story of the man to review
the African grasslands and his life before dying. The footsteps of death make people think about where
our lives will eventually go. In animation, death is represented by natural objects, from vultures to hyenas, to shadows.
 At the end, the man dies, and the god of nature takes him to eternity.

Tales From Outer Space -- “The Destructor”

Animation 1:30
Director/Producer/Animator: Logan Fry
Key Cast: CG Robot

This film is a revival of old, 1950s-era filmmaking. It raises the question:
"Do humans inflict upon each other worse destruction than could be done by
invading, extraterrestrial robots from outer space?"

Next Stop

Animation: 2:06
Director/Writer: Brad Gibson
Producer: Jesters Animation
Animators: Brad Gibson, Carlos Rossell

Hand drawn animation captures the comical soul of an elevated commuter railway.

Baby Brother

Animation: 3:00
Director/Writer: Tova Reyes

Baby Brother loves to “eat” and his big sister saves him in the end.

How To Ride a Bike

Experimental: 0:51
Director/Writer/Editor/Producer: Jacob Langsner
Key Dast: Will Ogden

Film gives us the power to frame the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Langsner edited this short piece as an homage
to artistic possibility hiding even within the most mundane tasks—such as, riding a bike between class.


Experimental/Original Score: 2:31
Director/Writer/Producer: Jacob Langsner
Original Score: Christian Giadolor
Key Cast: Christian Giodolor, “Viewer,” Jacob Langsner, “Projection”

You’ve got sadness in you, I’ve got sadness in me –

and my works of art are  places where the two sadnesses can meet,
and therefore both of us need to feel less sad.
- Mark Rothko

The Meaning of Orange

Experimental: 3:00
Director/Writer/Producer: William Donaruma
Writer/Producer: Robin Donaruma
Key Cast: William R. Donaruma “Grandfather”
Molly Donaruma “Granddaughter”
Voice Over: William Donaruma

The film is dedicated to saving family traditions.

It was born out of a conversation about the digital age of youth, and having my parents home for the holidays.


Experimental: 1:24
Poet: Mary Freericks
Producer: Matthew Toffolo
Narration, Editing, Visual Design: Kierston Drier

Dream is a poem by Mary Freericks, put to a visual by Poetry Movies.
She writes about what it might be like to sleep in her granddaughter’s bed.
Mary is a longtime artist and poet in Santa Barbara.


Experimental: 0:34

Director/Producer: Hila Laiser Beja
A woman waits for a peacock to cross the road; he voices his intent.