​​​Official Selections and Schedule.

Endless Pursuit
Experimental: 1:47
United States
Producer/Cinematography: Samuel Ott
Director/Writer: Justin Stillmaker
Producer: Brian Maurer
Writer/Key Cast: Chaz Wesley
     The film attempts to hold a comparative lens to an inalienable American value. What does the Pursuit of Happiness mean within its original context? How does it intersect with our modern American Society?

First Dance
Experimental/Dance: 1:00
United States and China
Black & White

Director: Jingqiu
Key Cast: Baby Kylan Salem
    The one-minute film documents a one-month old infant's spontaneous movement dancing to his own heartbeat sound from when he was in the womb; presenting the most organic human movement at the beginning of our journey in the world. Movement is part of life.

Boy Moms Verses Girl Moms

Narrative: 2:43
United States/Los Angeles
Director: Jay Diaz
Writer/Producer: Jamie Tompkins
Key Cast: Jamie Tompkins, Boy Mom; Katie Savoy, Girl Mom.
Other Cast: Jen Cortese, Cassie Dzienny, Lauren Marini.
     An exploration of differences and ultimately the similarity between raising boys and raising girls.

Narrative: 1:59
Black and White
United Kingdom/London
Director/Writer/Producer: Demitra Papadinis
Key Cast: Adria Orenstein

    From the beginning, the film  plunges you into a new and different shower-time.

Animation: 3:00
United States/Country of Georgia
Director/Illustrator: Maia Batumashvili
Writer: Lisa Mazza
Producer/Musical Artist/Co-Writer Song: Giovanni Mazza
    (Music is performed by 12-year-old violinist, Giovanni Mazza.)
Co-Writer Song/Original Score: Andrew Joslyn, Charles Hooper.

Editor: Ryan Hutchins
     The Encantado is a mythical Amazon river dolphin who turns into a man, musician, and festival-goer at night. He lives as a dolphin in the Encante underwater world during the day and comes out at night in search for a woman he can bring back to the Encante world.

John the Mentalist
Narrative: 2:59
Director/Producer/Writer: Andy Los
Key Cast: Justin Pratt
     Man reads “how to” book and discovers mental strength, or not?

Dance/Motion Graphics: 3:20
United States/New York
Severine C Reisp: Producer/Director/Writer
Jeremy Harris, Cinematographer
    ORBIS mixes motion graphics created with Cinema 4D, with professional dancers to demonstrate that dance is a universal language.

I Might Be Gone A Long Time
Narrative: 2:52
United States
Director: Rollyn Stafford
Key Cast: Evelyn Cushing, Montetre
Original Score: Dan Schafman
    Sometimes you just have to quit your boring job and travel...but where?

Carboom #22: Gossip
Dance: 2:08
Director/ Sebastian Weber
Producer: Sebastian Weber Dance Company
Key Cast -- Dancers: Andrea Alvergue, Helen Duffy, Janne Eraker,
Nik Kemeny, Sebastian Weber
    The Dance Company combines gestures, dance and body percussion in a charming living room showpiece.


Narrative: 3:00
United States
Director: Adrian Carey
Writer: Samanta Schweblin
Producer: David Ell Munz Maire
Key Cast: Miguel Belmonte, Rocco Salata, Alice Chandler-Hume, Anastasia Baker
Original Music: Phoenix Glendinning
    The filmmaker’s goal is to explore the sanctity of all life.  We are visually invited to consider if the life of a butterfly is as sacred as a human life. Inspired by the book Mariposas, by Samanta Schweblin.

Reach Out For Me
Narrative: 3:04
United Kingdom/Bristol
Producer/Director: Robbie McGirr
Key Cast: Emma Stacy
    A man meets a mysterious woman on a park bench. We witness a brief enigmatic, yet familiar conversation preceding a bid of farewell.

Der Jude
Narrative: 3:00
Canada/Vancouver, BC
Director/Writer/Co-Producer: Spencer Zimmerman
Co-Producer: Rachel Lam
Key Cast: Delphine Menu, Aaron Ford, Kevin Trumble
    It is the height of the Second World War, a Jewish women counts down the moments as her apartment complex is raided by Nazi soldiers. Her fate takes an unlikely turn when the soldier who comes to arrest her is tied to her past.

Leave Me
Narrative: 3:00
United States/Tennessee
Director/Writer: Dustin Ballard
Producer/Writer/Key Cast: Ryan Dunlap
Key Cast: Mark Gullickson, Sarah Van Eman Guardioia, Christopher Akers, Justin Kruse, Aaron Kruse

     A recent widower deals with his grief through his wife’s broken camera.

Narrative: 2:19
United States
Director/Writer/Producer: Daniel Hale
Original Music: Simone Gilio
Key Cast: Bridget Codoni, Likka Joi, Alicia Hope
    Young woman expresses herself through stickies.

Narrative: 2:59
United States/ Georgia
Director/Writer/Producer: Tyler Cole
Key Cast: Nick A  Marino, Madeline Regier, Alexandra Pica,
Sheyda Darian, Melanie Vanderford
    Young man spends too much time swiping and misses his opportunity.

Narrative: 2:30
United States
Director/co-Producer/Writer: Rasmus Arousell
Co-Producer: Camila Brito Ynoa
Key Cast: Kevin Aoussou, Sean Riehm, Chris O’Neill, Neifert Enrique
Original Score: Enrique Ordonez.
     Two young artists decide to put their signatures on a wall, behind an abandoned factory.

Fight for DACA Rally
Documentary: 2:21
United States/New York/Ohio
Director/Writer/Producer: John Maslowski
    John’s goal is that his film inspire people to take action on any issue that is truly important to them.

Narrative: 2:30
United States/Los Angeles
Director/Producer: Ryan Larkin
Director of Photography: Laura Jansen
Key Cast: Sam Panarese, Ethan Edenburg,
Sound Design: Jordan Lederman & Braden Creel
     A first-time voter wanders into a fringe campaign rally and learns something about mob psychology from the alt-right.

Experimental: 2:20
United States
Director: Lisa Seidenberg
Writer: Gertrude Stein
    Fragmented juxtaposition of text by Gertrude Stein with footage of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and other Americana moments form an unexpected backdrop of Stein’s narrative.

 If 2
Dance: 3:15
United States/ San Francisco
Directors: Hannah Young, Juliet Paramor
Original Score: Jason Elhaderi
     This film is a response to the political climate of January 2017--the month of Trump's inauguration. We wanted to explore the urgency dancers carry in their body to move and explore the idea that one can create change and resist, even if all they have to fight or resist with is their body. Shot all over the bay area, dancers of different backgrounds--from contemporary to hip hop to salsa--came together to create this guerilla-style work.

The Balking Dead
Animation: 1:41
United States/ Ohio
Director/Writer/Producer/Animator: John Maslowski
     Two animated zombies discuss The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus and a trip to Starbucks.
Narrative: 2:05
United States/ Maryland
Director: Wayne Hill
Writer/Cinematographer: Neil Gerardo
Key Cast: Bobby Strickland
Camera Operator: Josh Harmon
Original Score: Rommel Marcelino
    A man deals with a split personality.

Experimental: 2:50
United States
Director/Writer/Key Cast: Bryan Cruz
     The film discusses what it is like living with mental health issues.
Get On
Narrative: 2:03
Director/Writer: Jengil Park
Key Cast: Gustavo Destro
    A Brazilian-Japanese boy returns from a Japanese school because he was bullied.

The Brick Story
Animation: 2:43
United States/ Los Angeles
Director/Writer/Producer: David Wittkower
Key Cast: Jon Hooper, Roy Johansen
     Based on a joke, The Brick Story tells the story of a Brick Layer's unfortunate turn of events as he tries to rid some extra bricks left over from a job.
A Boy and His Dog
Narrative: 2:00
United States/ Texas
Director/Writer: Dan Curtis
    Sometimes things aren’t as normal as they seem.
Star in the East
Animation-Music: 2:33
United States/ San Francisco
Producer/Co-Director: Katie Garibaldi
Claymation Art/Co-Director Marc Morgan
Singer/Songwriter, Composer: Katie Garibaldi
Original Song: A Star in the East
    A homage to the Classic Animation Christmas movies of the 1950s and early 1960s.
Leaves of Fall
Animation: 2:52
United States
Director/Writer: Marc Wiskemann
Cinematographer/Chief Animator: Ori Segev
     Even a man made of metal and wire feels the effects of time on his heart.

Dance: 1:39
United States/ Santa Barbara
Director: Hannah Brothers
Original Score: Jim Connolly
      A young woman dances in a dark room in front of a curtained window, exploring the contrast between darkness and light. This short film was created in a single day using only an iPhone.

'the beautiful': The Stories She Tell
Experimental: 3:15
United States/Wisconsin
Director/Producer: Maeve Jackson
Writer: Fletcher
Key Cast: Nadirah Dotson
     The film investigate the cultural codes that have been placed on females throughout time. A woman unrevels her head-scarf.

Dance: 2:36
Director/Cinematographer: Sven D.
Key Cast/ Dancer, Georgeta Varvarici
    Single dancer interprets music by Robot Koch & Nilu.

Grey Matter
Experimental: 3:11
Director/Key Cast: Patricia Allison
Original Score: Sergey Cheremisinov
     A film by choreographer Patricia Allison made shortly after being diagnosed with MS. Grey Matter is a short exploration into the struggles of self identity and a yearning for a more simple time.

Break of Day
Dance: 2:38
United States/ Santa Barbara
Director/Producer: Robin Bisio
Key Cast: Dorrie Tames Powell
Original Score: Jim Connolly
Cinematographer: Tarri Morley
    When dawn breaks, there is hope in the resurrection of forests, chaparral and green mountain vistas.    

Mother’s Cry
Experimental: 2:35
United States/Brooklyn
Director/Producer: Lisa Russell
Writer/Key Cast: Savon Bartley
    Mother's Cry is a poetry-based film on climate change by Emmy-award winningfilmmaker, Lisa Russell, featuring renowned youth poet, Savon Bartley.

One and Another Half
Dance: 3:48
Director/Producer: Yujie Chen
Key Cast - Dancer: Xie Xin

     Half bright meets half dark, half gray combines with half color, half known encounters half unknown. Explicitly or secretly, calmly or dangerously, one side keeps building up, while the other keeps deconstructing. She is the One. She meets the other Half.

Dance: 2:10
Director: Suzanne Kim
Key Cast: Thubalethu Ndiball
Cinematographer: Campbell Brown
Music: Mohl
     Performance artist Thubalethu explores the somatic experience of dance,
cultivating an improvisational spirit of exploration and influence on the remote, vast salt pan of Lake Gairdner, located in the deep outback of South Australia.

Experimental: 3:10
United Kingdom/ England
Director/Writer/Producer/Narrator: Michael Cochran
    A video-poem about isolation. This is a story about an individual destined to look out towards the sea until the end of time. A place of both beauty and loneliness.

Dance: 3:09
United States
Director: Carley Santori
Key Cast: Amy DiLorenzo, Jennifer Gonzalez, Owen Prum, Lisa Krainik, Rachel Stone
    In the spontaneous communication of charades, there's a desire for understanding that transcends a simple game. As communication falls just short of readability, emotions burst forth, gestures repeat and enlarge, and shared movements emerge across bodies to form a language of bursting urgency.

Happy Thoughts

Narrative: 1:21
Canada/British Columbia
Director/Writer/Producer: John Gardiner
Key Cast: Rich Travale, Stephanie Watkins
Visual Effects: Matthew Jamont
    With only one minute to live, a man turns to his happy thoughts in hopes of finding peace.

The End of the Screening.



​Leaves of Fall


One and Another Half.

​Winners 4th Season, August 11, 2018

Best Narrative -- Der Jude

Finalist Narative -- Leave Me

​Semi-Finalist Narrative -- Mariposas, Swipe and Boy Moms vs. Girl Moms

Best Animation -- Encantado

Finalist Animation -- Star in the East

Best Experimental -- Grey Matter

Finalist Experimental -- Endless Pursuit

Best Dance -- Georgeta Varvarici "Drift"

Finalist Dance -- One and Another Half

Semi-Finalist Dance -- If 2, Orbis 

Best Documentary -- DACA Rally

Best Black & White -- DUCKO

Best Cinematography -- Thubalethu

​Best Original Score -- Grey Matter and Mariposasr paragraph here.